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Restaurant Without Walls

Restaurant Without Walls

The intermittent light showers of rain didn’t dampen the Yanalla Farms Long Table Lunch festivities on Sunday, 19 November 2018.  In fact, the raising of wine glasses and umbrellas just added to the unique outdoor dining experience, as did the beautiful floral arrangements.

Curated Plate

The Curated Plate

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Join us for a sumptuous six-course long table lunch in our orchard on 18 August 2019. This event is part of The Curated Plate’s Destination Series and is presented in conjunction with People, Plates and Places.

Hail the Sculptures

Meet Some of The Faces @ Yanalla Farms

Hey there. Rob and Karen Martin checking in. Delighted to virtually meet you. As proud owners of Yanalla Farms we're not afraid to roll up our sleeves and dive right into the dirt... literally!  Whether that be propagating, planting, picking, packing, pruning or pest control.  But let's be real, the greatest challenge nowadays is not getting our hands dirty - it's trying to gracefully stand back up afterward!

Curated Plate

The Curated Plate for 2024 Now Launched

Yanalla Farms are an official proud Industry Partner of The Curated Plate food and drink festival for 2024. Get crackin' folks, as the program has just been launched.  Last year, our long table lunch event was a smash hit, selling out within a mere two weeks. Don't let history repeat itself - secure your spot early this year!  But wait, there's a twist! This time around, we're doubling the fun by hosting not one, but two events. 

Friday 26 July 2024 @ 1.30pm - 4.30pm


Are you mad keen for a Mad Hatter's Tea Party? Then grab your party hats and join us for an afternoon of refined tea sipping, exquisite local gin cocktails, delectable savouries and irresistible sweet treats.  Don't be late for this very important date!


Saturday 27 July 2024 @ 11.30am - 3.30pm 


Care to indulge in a sublime lychee cocktail, sample delectable canapés, mingle with local farmers, and enjoy a shared lunch at the long table nestled among the lychee rows, all while taking in an insightful tour of Yanalla Farms.  Come join us.  It will be pure bliss!  

There's Some Holes In My Story

There's Some Holes In My Story

Do you know much about holes, especially those that show up on a farm? On our farm, they seem to appear overnight. They could be from our clever farm dog, Vader, digging up a bone he buried earlier or maybe from bandicoots burrowing around, as we have plenty on the farm. Or perhaps the holes are created by pesky hares that, after gnawing on our irrigation lines, decide to dig around in the dirt instead.

Hail the Sculptures

The Greatest Show On Earth

Get ready to wave goodbye to our dragon fruit season in the next couple of months! The cooler weather is putting a chill on our buds, flowers, and fruit production. The plants themselves? Well, they're not going to win any beauty contests. These cacti are prickly personalities, with enough spikes to ward off an echidna. Even though I suit up in long sleeves and gloves, I can't escape a few prickles and scratches on my arms when picking the fruit.

Hail the Sculptures

Celebrating World Bee Day

Did you know World Bee Day buzzes around on May 20th? It's like a sweet celebration of the little winged wonders that keep us and the planet in tip-top shape! Our farm couldn't do without them - they’re like tiny flying matchmakers for our lychee and dragon fruit orchards. Without them, our fruit production would go downhill fast.

Yanalla Custard Dust®

Custard Dust® our sweet innovation

Most of us love a sweet taste but we're always told how empty calories and refined sugar are bad for us.  Karen Martin explains how a new sweetener was invented.

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