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Meet Some of The Faces @ Yanalla Farms

Meet Some of The Faces @ Yanalla Farms

Hey there. Rob and Karen Martin checking in. Delighted to virtually meet you. As proud owners of Yanalla Farms we're not afraid to roll up our sleeves and dive right into the dirt... literally!  Whether that be propagating, planting, picking, packing, pruning or pest control.  But let's be real, the greatest challenge nowadays is not getting our hands dirty - it's trying to gracefully stand back up afterward!

If you didn’t know already, horticulture runs in our family, a tradition passed down from our parents.  After leaving the corporate world some years ago, we shifted our focus to cultivating tropical fruits - dragon fruit, lychee, and custard apple, right here on the Sunshine Coast hinterland in the beautiful Glass House Mountains.

But right now, we've some exciting news for you.  We've just launched the inaugural edition of the Whispers From Our Farms newsletter, rich with insights and stories that brings our farm life closer to you.  Want to be part of our Yanalla Farms Community? Click on this link to join now.

We've certainly had some challenges over the years and are more than happy to share our experiences with you.  We can attest there's never a dull moment on our farms.  Each day is very different from the next.  Mother Nature seems to have the last say, so we always treat her with respect.  

Ever heard the saying about farmers always chatting up the weather?  Well, we're no exception!  Back in the 'good old days,' you'd step outside, give the sky a good once-over, and figure out what Mother Nature had in store. 

We still rely on the old fashioned rain gauge, but now, us modern farmers are all about that tech life - constantly checking the BOM site and other meteorological apps. Only problem? Dealing with the painfully spotty mobile reception out here.  Ah, the joys of farming!

Now, imagine running a farm without a supervisor, right?  Well, here at Yanalla Farms, our top dog in charge is none other than Vader, our handsome farm pooch.  He's a rescue dog - more like a 'hound' dog if you catch our drift!  We reckon he's a mix of a Wolfhound and a Golden Retriever.  But whatever the mix, he's the perfect farm supervisor and a real gentleman to boot.  

Unlike us tech-savvy humans, Vader hasn't quite mastered the art of smartphone usage.  His excuse?  Well, his paws are just too big for those tiny little buttons!  But hey, he's got a special talent: he can speak fluent human.  Now that's what we call impressive!

Normally, I'd be chattering away like a magpie, but duty calls! Rob and I need to get back outdoors now that the rain's eased somewhat.

I've always joked that 'Rob and I work really well together... from opposite ends of the farm.'  It's funny because it's true!  But hey, that's a tale for another time, folks!

Stay tuned for more farm whispers.

Karen and Rob

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