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Restaurant Without Walls

Sunday, 19 November 2018

The intermittent light showers of rain didn’t dampen the Yanalla Farms Long Table Brunch festivities over the weekend.  In fact, the raising of wine glasses and umbrellas just added to the unique outdoor dining experience, as did the beautiful floral arrangements.

Guests enjoyed a casual stroll around the farm, immersing themselves in the beautiful rural landscape.  Robert and Karen Martin shared some insights into how dragonfruit, lychees and custard apples were grown.

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Arriving back at Pecan Park, guests took their seat at the long table nestled amongst the lychee orchard.  Wine glasses were filled and before too long, the sensational food prepared on site was served by hosts Elizabeth and Tony from People, Plates and Places.

Some mighty fine stories were recounted and the buzz of conversation flowed.  Often spontaneous chortles of laughter rang out.  Due to the precarious tilt of one or two umbrellas being held, refreshingly cool raindrops randomly trickled onto some unsuspecting guests.


What a hoot!  A fantastic location to eat good food, drink great wine, meet new people and share personal stories! 


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