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We are a specialist producer of luscious tropical fruits, grown in perfect Queensland conditions and ripe with delicious, healthy nutrition. Most of our  production of custard apple, dragonfruit and lychee is sold through interstate wholesalers but there’s some for locals too!

Yanalla Farms is the home of an exciting, new PinksBlush pink-skinned custard apple, which will be licensed to other growers soon; and the award-winning, innovative Custard Dust® sweetener, currently in development.

Nurtured by us to nourish you

Yanalla Farms' luscious custard apple, dragonfruit and lychee harvest doesn't happen by chance. It takes a special combination of nature, inspiration and nuture to bring our ideas to the plate.

The best fruit starts with the best soil – our rich volcanic soil in the shadow of the Glasshouse Mountains has been part of the Queensland fruit bowl for over a hundred years.

Then it needs the right varieties of trees to ensure plump, juicy fruit that travels well to our wholesalers.  The right climate is vital and few places are as blessed as the Sunshine Coast hinterland with its hot sunny days and sub-tropical rains.

Finally, of course, it needs loving care at every stage of production and picking. That’s where Robert and Karen excel with their experience and passion for producing the best.

Early mornings or late evenings are no problem when they’re working in a nature’s paradise and imagining the harvest ahead.


A sweet new product - Discover Custard Dust®

As part of an innovation initiative, Yanalla Farms has developed a delicious new sweetener from custard apples – called Custard Dust®. It’s not available in the shops yet but Karen Martin is keen to hear from gourmet food partners who might want to incorporate it into their own delicious creations.

Learn more about our Custard Dust® innovation

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