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Custard Dust® our sweet innovation

Most of us love a sweet taste but we're always told how empty calories and refined sugar are bad for us.  Karen Martin explains how a new sweetener was invented.

Second-grade custard apples are hard to sell and we don’t want to see the good fruit we’ve nurtured ploughed back into the ground or taken to the tip.  That’s why we were inspired to enter Yanalla Farms in the Coco-Cola Sweet Story Challenge last year.  The challenge was to find all-natural, low-calorie or no-calorie sugar alternatives.

I approached a local company that specialises in freeze-drying and it was surprisingly easy to freeze-dry the pulp from our custard apples. All we had do then was crush it and Custard Dust® was born. 

Yanalla Custard Dust® 003

Yanalla Custard Dust® 002

The challenge received 295 ideas from 44 countries and incredibly, we were one of the six winning entries! 

At the moment, our innovation isn’t commercially available but I’m testing it on my breakfast cereal, in smoothies and in drinks to add extra sweetness and nutrition.  It should be great in ice-cream too.

While we don’t expect to have the quantities to supply supermarkets anytime soon, I am interested in working with local gourmet producers who may be looking for a nutritious sweetener to enhance their creations.  The taste is a subtle one, slightly creamy and fruity, which works well with many other ingredients.

Please contact me on 0456 789 380 if you are interested.


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