Yanalla Lychees

Luscious summer treats - sweet, cooling and fresh

Lychee Story

Lychees were introduced into Australia by Chinese goldminers over 100 years ago and we’ve loved them ever since.

According to ancient Chinese culture, the lychee symbolises romance, beauty and good luck. For Australians, they symbolise hot, lazy days and the perfect juicy, refreshing snack for summer.

Crack open the lovely red skin and the white, translucent, sweet, glossy flesh is delicious on its own or makes an exotic addition to fruit salads and gourmet creations. Explore our delicious Lychee Recipes.

Lychees contain a significant amount of vitamin C, vitamin B-complex and phytonutrient flavonoids. They are also a good source of manganese, magnesium, copper, iron, folate and potassium.

Our Varieties

Lychee fruit picking

We grow two varieties of lychees at Yanalla Farms. In our region, fruit is ready for harvest mid-January to the end of February. Each piece is hand-picked to protect its precious flavour and texture.

Kwai-May Pink (also known as B3) produces a consistent annual crop that sellers can rely on. The fruit is small to medium, round with a slightly spikey bright pink skin. Flesh is very sweet and the seeds are small. You can recognise the trees by their long, slim branches and red flush of new growth.

Lychee fruit Kwai-May Pink variety

Lychee fruit Sah-Keng variety

The Sah-Keng variety yields best every second year, making it a distinctive treat to look forward to. The fruit is large (30-35 g), heart-shaped, with purple-red skin. The skin segments are swollen with, soft, sweet flesh. Seeds are usually small, giving over 75 per cent fruit. In contrast to the Kwai-May trees, Sah-Keng trees are dome-shaped with short fragile branches and the new flush of growth is green.


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