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Questions about PinksBlush

Delve deeper and explore the distinctive offerings of this new and exciting custard apple.

What is the PinksBlush custard apple?

PinksBlush is a unique variety, which developed naturally on Yanalla Farms. It originated as a single branch of fruit with distinct new characteristics on a Pinks Mammoth custard apple tree. 

What is the difference between the PinksBlush and other custard apple varieties?

The main difference is the unique skin colour, which develops from green to glowing pinkish orange colours, resembling a blush. The fruit also has a different season from other varieties.

When is PinksBlush fruit in season?

Harvesting of PinksBlush fruit on the Sunshine Coast starts in September and runs through to December.  Future trials will be conducted in northern coastal areas of Queensland and northern coastal New South Wales.  We expect the PinksBlush season may extend either side of the Sunshine Coast season in these regions.

Where can I buy PinksBlush fruit?

There is currently a limited supply of fruit, which is sold to Brisbane and Melbourne wholesale fruit agents. As growers and supplies increase, we expect it to be available in wholesale markets in all major cities.

Who owns PinksBlush variety?

Plant Breeder Rights were granted to Robert and Karen Martin. The varietal name PinksBlush (Annona x atemoya) was officially recognised as a new variety of custard apple.

Can I buy a PinksBlush tree for my garden?

Unfortunately, the PinksBlush variety is not available to the home gardener.

Can anyone grow PinksBlush?

Robert and Karen Martin have the exclusive rights to grow the PinksBlush variety.  When this variety is released in the near future, it will be available to commercial growers only. Their legal right to grow it will be formalised through a licence arrangement, and licensed growers will need to sign up to a controlled production and marketing system.

What are the advantages for licenced growers?

Licensed growers will have the advantage of a very distinctive and desirable fruit, with a different season from other custard apples. The controlled production will ensure the fruit remains a premium option, and the marketing support will help ensure a strong demand and good market prices.

How long do trees take to reach maturity?

Trees take 2-3 years to start producing. From flowering to harvest is between 25 and 28 weeks.

Can anyone propagate PinksBlush trees?

Only Robert and Karen Martin and their approved nursery representatives can propogate PinksBlush trees. Commercial growers will be asked to sign a Non-Propagation Agreement as part of their licence conditions.

How do I become a licensed grower?

Commercial growers who wish to express an interest in growing the PinksBlush custard apple in the future are welcome to contact us

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